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Mileson Bonded Warehouse opening ceremony

On December 30th 2010, there was an very important opening ceremony held in Mileson International Bonded Warehouse, where was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Major leaders of General Administration of Customs, Beijing customs, Pangu Plaza , Mileson Investment Co., Ltd. Were present at the ceremony, congratulating MBW on their achievements and putting forward some new hopes sincerely.

In the future, under the leadership of China Customs, Mileson International Bonded Warehouse will offer customers one-stop service consisting of trade, warehousing, complete declaration work, logistics and consulting services.

Bonded Warehouse plays a very important role in import and export trade, which can help the custom acquire full supervision efficiently. Mileson International Bonded Warehouse will bear the mission, unceasingly makes great strides forward to the far goal. What Mileson Bonded Warehouse has achieved is an excellent international platform for import and export trades with state-of-the-art technology and highly efficient logistics management.

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